Generic products

Oncogen has a Unique product portfolio of leading potent molecules for the treatment of various conditions in the field of Oncology & immunomodulatory drugs. This clear, undivided focus has enabled Oncogen to make some landmark achievements in the field of Oncology drugs development in the recent past.

With ‘Pioneer status’ from MIDA, Malaysia, Oncogen has set itself on journey of becoming most aggressive generic pharmaceutical company with exclusive focus on difficult to develop, hard to source, niche Oncology products which  have high level of complexities in the development or manufacturing.

An experienced team of professionals from the generics industry with proven track record of deliverables is built a strong product base for our generic business in the U.S. and the Asia Pacific region. 
Both the R&D center and manufacturing plant has capabilities to handle various types of solid oral dosage forms (like immediate release, modified release) and parenteral dosage forms (like liquid injectables & lyophilized powders)