At Oncogen pharma we value quality human resource. We have built a world class team of global professionals and promote a culture based on diversity and continuously strive to recognize and nurture our employees’ talents. We invest in the best talent to create future leaders for the organization.
 At Oncogen employees are given every chance to develop and grow. The learning and development oriented environment is supported by outstanding training, coaching and mentoring opportunities that serve to further enhance employee’s knowledge and skills.


Why Work at Oncogen?

People first.

We firmly believe that everyone’s efforts matter in success, and you will be a vital contributor to our inspiring, bold mission. You will be given every opportunity to help you make an impact on people’s lives every single day. With experts from all over the globe, we are committed to bring out the best in you by fostering a collaborative workplace built on trust and mutual respect.

Outstanding values.

Our culture is rooted in our philosophy – of delivering the best.  We have cultivated an ethical work environment filled with Integrity, Fairness, Honesty and Perseverance in all our business operations. Our values guide us how we work & that can be felt across every part of our company.

Trust and empowerment.

Our people understand our commitment to cancer treatment. And we trust them to help Oncogen reliably deliver niche, high quality products to patients across the globe. We empower our people to take charge of their potential. We offer programs to teach the future leaders of our company and industry, and training and development programs tailored to help you build valuable skills and succeed in your career.
At Oncogen, you will receive support from your team, be inspired by young leaders, and have ownership over your career and life. As you discover your true potential, your professional and personal future will become brighter every day.