API Development

Oncogen’s API R&D is focused on the global markets including that of US, Europe and RoW.  Our development team focuses on novel chemistry including novel polymorph and process to provide our customers with possible early entry opportunities in various markets. Our in-house IP team works closely with our R&D scientific team to identify and file novel patents that creates opportunities for ourselves & our customers across the globe. Through extensive technical knowledge and expertise, we soon aim to develop niche products to support our customers with first-to-file opportunities and first-mover advantage in several geographies.



We at Oncogen understand that New chemical entities are continually being developed and product specific strategies are required to meet regulatory requirements. With just apt infrastructure & capabilities, Oncogen presents best-in-class infrastructure to handle end-to-end development for all our customers in the pursuit of the next wave of new chemical entities.

We can back our customer’s projects with our solid experience of working on the development of over thousands of small molecule drugs, to the marketplace and beyond.